Project 01X – The Ideas

Anna Lont, March 6, 2022;

When in the year 2050 I’m able to look back at what I’ve thought out and put down in this paper, I’m curious whether this Project 01X has become a reality the our EU-communities and EU-regulations.

Art is the instrument to give shape to this new reality within the IT-world with images, drama such as role plays, art-on-the-wall fabrics and diagrams, sound & light as mood boards. As well as philosophical lectures and speak/think sessions. Later in this paper more about this using of the Arts.

My aim is to convert the basic design in the IT-world, being a binary 0 - 1 world, into a three-dimensional design by adding this X component in such a way that the computer employee gets a good picture and also goes through a development process in a boost for the fantasy about new and badly needed possibilities.


Using the Arts in ‘The-Think-Tent’

For the participant.

In the program you get a method and form to obtain a wider perspective on the IT-sector from which you are a member.

Introducing the X as needed additional tot the 0 and 1.

How do YOU think this can be implemented in YOUR work or softwareprograms when you know that this X has a different set of meanings like morality, privacy, etcetera?

In this on site temporary venue – ‘The-Think Tent’ – we can use different forms of Art like:

Tactile materials: When you enter the Tent you get a mask of a Personage and a cover representing this Personage. For instance a blocked cloth if you be the Arlequino. Also are there pieces of art consistent of soft materials. You will be lead along these walls.

Can you recognise some materials?

Lightscapes: These act as a sort of mood boards.

Invited Speekers, like professor Polvarelli, from the US on c’. Master Shi Heng Yi from Germany

Lecture: Art and the Anthropocene, Youtube/2019,one hour homework.

Role plays: Where are you in the line of desicions? And what can you do?

! This only works if people feels save.

Discussionsgroups: perhaps everybody knows about of this workform.

It’s estimate is calculated to start with one workingday and an after morning, and later that week - when it’s still fresh - to put the results in work-instructions.

After these practice days it’s easy to set up groups of interest for a further workout, testing and and implementing the concepts and rules.

In total time I believe it can be inplemented as fast as the handling of the Milleniumbug during 1996 – 2000.

Filling the ITpedia with the outcome of Project 01X


As a result there can be an European Office with Website with the offer and reservation of the Project. This website is full of links to phylosofical, practical, witty, sollutions. (met een uitdijende, centraal beheerde en voor iedereen beschikbaar e-boek en website) or an ITpedia. In a way as in former times the UNIX-language is developted by the IT-workers itself.

!! Important is that the EU-officials are in charge of this process, the big IT-companies have to had a more modest place at the table then in the year 2022.


Written by Anna Lont, Amsterdam, website


Electronic skyways, a political view.

Project 01X is a proposal to the European Commision with the following purpose:

- To temper the IT-sector in its unstoppabel demand for resources. Resources for its electronic highways, its fancy products, its playmates, robots, playstations, its satellites, its mass-consuming datacentra, it’s Deep Sea, Moon and Mars exploitations for commodities.

The whole sector needs electricity to function.

This is a huge problem if the sector keeps growing this fast. The figures shows for instance that big companies and Governments are planning to shoot more than 157.000 new satellites around our Earthplanet in the coming years from now.

!! Let me urgently state here that I see also good uses of IT-products and services.

Project 01X can be an attempt to:

aa. Temper the use of mining still more commodities and decrease the digging and sucking up all natural gas, oil, metals, etc.

bb. Temper the huge greed for data of the EU-inhabitants as a commodity. This greed for humans as a commodity has very little legal rules or official regulations in our European countries, and also on the level of European Union.

Human beings of the EU have little privacy anymore also due to

massive spying and eavesdropping through camera-surveillance


The EU-inhabitants have no voice in the moral questions coming

with among others the IT-sector. This lack of control from the

Legal Regulators adds to the huge profits of the big, bigger and

biggest companies all over the world. When much years ago

Mrs. Smit-Kroes was the EU-commisionar on this privacy subject

I have spoken out my deep concern to her and to the Privacy-

commitee of the EU-Parliament.

So the problem is much older.

The IT-sector nowadays spend millions of euro’s to influence our chosen representives. This has to stop. Humans are no commodity. You as Regulators can forbid this. We as human beings are much richer in creativity to come with sollutions on the big issues and threads, then only focussing on being a product for companies like BigTech in the role of consumer. This identity stealing has to stop.


The IT-sector is a greedy environment, is very competative and a sector which produce mass-polution by the use of plastics, fibers, rare earths of all sorts. This alone for the hardware devices like mobile phones or laptops. The software as well as the hardware designs is from the 1950’s on till today mainly the outcome of a masculin thinking. In my opinion an handicapt thinking which lacks the input of care and healing. The masculin brain in general cannot oversee the bigger picture of the One Planet we inhabit and have to take good care of. The IT-sector is product- and profit driven. Half of Earth’s commodities are allready mined and used and in the end it destroys Earth environment and the Solar system we belong to alltogether.

In my opinion it’s not possible anymore to digests all the waste dropped on and the waste drifting around our planet. Project 01X wants to divert the thinking of people working in the IT-industry. It presents a program on the workspot for all IT-workers and their managers and bosses by using the Arts as excellerators to an inclusive new thinking. This is the important letter X in the name of the Project 01X standing for a morality that serves humankind and helps to recover Planet Earth.

Next to the Project is therefore a program designed for decisionmakers Regulators as politicians and lawmakers. This program I cannot write. While I have not enough knowledge of these sectors. There is still a lot to learn.

The EU becomes a rolemodel for others. Who knows.

Aim: If in the end of the test for computerprogram or ‘algoritmes’ the planet-pollution and the scandalizing or abuse of human dignity proofed eminent, then the computerprogram or product does not work.

The designers have to go back to their designtables and think out a better service or product. With the software comes a set of trueful documentation for Governments to verify. (No scandals like the Volkswagen emision-software) Justice departments, and law enforcing devisions from the EU and its memberstates can forbid a wrongdoing softwareprogram or a polluting hardwaredevice. The IT-sector itself has in general so far done a bad job.

The EU needs to come back in control to protect their populations and resourses.

Anna Lont, Amsterdam, March 6, 2022